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Empowering Individuals Towards Self-Sufficiency

OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc

OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc (OLEI) is a nonprofit organization that provides resources, services, and support for individuals with mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities, formally institutionalized citizens, and drug and/or substance abuse.


Our mission is to empower individuals towards self-sufficiency and help them lead a fulfilling life.  OLEI provides referrals, resources, and services that eliminate the barriers experienced by those seeking and maintaining employment.  The founder of OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc., Sonja Felton, faced many intellectual, mental, and physical health issues herself which is why she is dedicated to bringing awareness and assistance to these populations. 


Improving Lives of Vulnerable Communities

“Through every unique challenge, there is a unique opportunity to grow.”

“Believe in your ability to take the next step.”

“Empowerment starts with
OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc.”

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