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OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides resources, services, and support for individuals with mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities, returning citizens, and drug and/or substance abuse.

We empower individuals towards self-sufficiency.

the team


Our team comprises highly trained peer professionals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We are passionate about providing quality care and support to individuals in need. 

Founder Sonja Felton

The founder of OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc. (OLEI), Sonja Felton, faced many intellectual, mental, and physical health issues herself. She overcame many obstacles along her journey and recognized the resilience in herself needed to thrive and achieve overall wellness. Because of her experience and perseverance, she developed an interest in sparking HOPE in others like her. Her challenges fueled her dedication to bringing awareness and assistance to these populations.  Driven by a passion for being of service to others, Sonja is committed to spending her time sharing her personal life experiences and valuable resources with others to inspire their resiliency as they work towards planning and executing their recovery journeys; Ultimately, this will lead to the achievement of overall wellness for the individuals she has the opportunity to work with.

The one-word Sonja now uses to describe herself as a family member, friend, mental health peer, student, and employee, or even just as a person, is R-E-V-I-V-E-D because she has been restored from a depressed and inactive state. She continues to live an active life with her wellness toolbox by her side as she continues to navigate her recovery and wellness journey. Now, through OptimumLinx Enterprises, Inc., the goal is to help others build a similar toolbox to help them navigate everyday life while managing their challenges.

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